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Troop 175 Scout in Boys’ Life for Soap Box Derby Win

Troop 175 Scout Jackson Austin-Cruse earned a spot in the August 2017 issue of Boys’ Life magazine. He won the Super Stock division of the 2016 Dunwoody Northeast Georgia Soap Box Derby and went on to participate in the World Championship.

See page 11 of your August 2017 Boys’ Life magazine.

For more info about the derby visit:

20170812_122540 (Small)

Jackson & Ethan Austin-Cruse at the 2016 Soap Box Derby

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Philmont Adventure 2016

Author: Owen Tumperi

Physical. Emotional. Mental. Spiritual. Not once, while preparing for the 10-day trek, did I feel I would encounter any situation where one of these categories was tested to its maximum potential. These four words solely capture the hardships endured by Philmont crews all across the nation.

Crew 616-X (Custom)

Troop 175 Philmont Crew 2016


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Troop 175 Wins 2016 Golden Axe Competition

Troop 175 brought home the trophy for this year’s Golden Axe Competition. After last year’s defeat, the boys were determined to win in 2016. The Golden Axe competition takes place every spring at the Camp-O-Ree at Bert Adams. Troops compete against each other to find out which troop can be the first to start a fire and cook a pancake. The Troop 175 boys get creative and become even more determined after failing to get a fire started with the two allotted matches.

Thanks to Russell Kaye for the great video footage!

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Troop 175 Youth Leadership Training 2016

Troop 175 held its second annual Youth Leadership Training event Feb. 27 – 28, 2016 at Camp 175 on Lake Allatoona. The Troop’s youth leaders joined with younger Star and Life scouts to participate in team-building activities and games. Adult leaders taught the boys about leadership techniques. The boys learned about traditional Troop leadership roles and discussed how they should be implemented in Troop 175. The boys also refined the Troop Vision: “Troop 175 will be a boy-led Troop with five active patrols that will enjoy summer camp.”

DSCF1511 (Small)

Boys discuss their roles as youth leaders

DSCF1513 (Small)

Boys talk about Troop vision

DSCF1521 (Small)

Taking a break

Boys learn about leadership techniques

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2013 Philmont “Eagle” Crew

2013 Philmont “Eagle” Crew – With the recent Eagle ceremony of John Harrington and Nathan Tumperi, all six scouts of Troop 175 that went to Philmont in 2013 achieved the rank of Eagle. First was Jack Boyette, followed by Matthew Beach and Tab Belvedere (not pictured), then Luke Downs, and finally John and Nathan in December of 2015. A truly spectacular accomplishment by these young men!

Also pictured are the four adults who went to Philmont in 2013: Tom Boyette, Andy Beach, John Pilger, and Bryan Downs.

2016-01-24 - Philmont Group 3

2013 Philmont Crew – All Eagles

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Camp 175 Update

It did not take long to find a theme – leadership! We have been blessed with great leadership from our older scouts and the brave volunteers that have come to camp this summer. Unfortunately, we found ourselves short one leader who had a prior conflict and needed to leave camp. On the bright side, I was able to “field promote” another to take his place. Please see the attached photo for our newest member of Leadership Cabin!

I was able to convince her to move into the cabin, proving once & for all that ducks cannot smell. Don’t worry, the duck will be released from service (uneaten) by the end of camp. However, the rest of our leadership is now on notice that there is real competition for the best scout leadership award!

Looks like a soggy day (good for ducks!) but we will make the best of it. Can’t believe we are now close to the end. Looking forward to seeing you soon!

Andy Beach, Scoutmaster

Camp 175 New Leader

Camp 175 New Leader

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Pine Mountain Trail at FDR State Park

Here are some pictures from our May, 2014 hike along the Pine Mountain Trail in FDR State Park.

Pine Mountain Trail

Pine Mountain Trail

Pine Mountain Trail

Pine Mountain Trail




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Dock repair at Camp 175

Thanks to all the scouts and adults who showed up to repair the floating dock at Camp 175 at the January workday. And a big thank you goes to Jeff Hayden for leading this effort! Repair crew members: Jeff Hayden, Matthew and Andy Beach, Sean and Charles Hunter, Spencer Clark, Jack and Tom Boyette, Kyle Monsalve, Mark Belvedere, Max and Mike Pollack, and Thomas, Dylan and Kevin Wyatt.

Attaching the deck boards

Break time

Almost done

Inspection by Mr. Hayden

Work at Camp 175 May, 2013

Clearing out dead trees at Camp 175

Working on the dock May, 2013

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Northern Tier Adventure 2013

Northern Tier 2013 crew with floatplane

Northern Tier 2013 crew with floatplane

Scouts Nick Walker, Max Pollack, Austin Deaver, Joey Jackson, and Ashton Manser, along with adults Mike Pollack and Cody Jackson (along with our interpreter, Jamie) canoed on a 50-mile high adventure at Northern Tier.  The crew flew out on a float plane from Atikokan base into the wilderness then canoed back.  The trip took 5 days.  Along the way, they fished, endured rainstorms, and portaged through areas never portaged before, and built their canoes into an unconventional sailboat.  It was quite an adventure.

See photos from the trip…

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Alabama hike

Alabama hike

Alabama hike

A wet hike in Alabama.Troopmaster Andy Beach with Matthew Beach, Jack & Tom Boyette and John Pilger.

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