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Philmont Adventure 2016

Author: Owen Tumperi

Physical. Emotional. Mental. Spiritual. Not once, while preparing for the 10-day trek, did I feel I would encounter any situation where one of these categories was tested to its maximum potential. These four words solely capture the hardships endured by Philmont crews all across the nation.

Crew 616-X (Custom)
Troop 175 Philmont Crew 2016

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Eagle Scout Kyle Monsalve: Worm Box and Dig Box

Kyle’s Eagle project was to design a worm box and a dig box for the Holy Trinity Parish. A couple of younger scouts came to help construct a worm ecosystem inside of the worm box which consisted of four layers. Each layer would hold compost and scraps so that the worms can eat and grow and leaving behind healthy enriched soil. The purpose of the dig box was for the Sunday school kids to have fun. There were approximately 11 scouts that helped on the Eagle Scout project and volunteered over 52 hours.

Kyle Monsalve earned his Eagle rank on June 16, 2016, 7 years and 1 month after joining Troop 175.

Troop 175 Wins 2016 Golden Axe Competition

Troop 175 brought home the trophy for this year’s Golden Axe Competition. After last year’s defeat, the boys were determined to win in 2016. The Golden Axe competition takes place every spring at the Camp-O-Ree at Bert Adams. Troops compete against each other to find out which troop can be the first to start a fire and cook a pancake. The Troop 175 boys get creative and become even more determined after failing to get a fire started with the two allotted matches.

Thanks to Russell Kaye for the great video footage!

Troop 175 Youth Leadership Training 2016

Troop 175 held its second annual Youth Leadership Training event Feb. 27 – 28, 2016 at Camp 175 on Lake Allatoona. The Troop’s youth leaders joined with younger Star and Life scouts to participate in team-building activities and games. Adult leaders taught the boys about leadership techniques. The boys learned about traditional Troop leadership roles and discussed how they should be implemented in Troop 175. The boys also refined the Troop Vision: “Troop 175 will be a boy-led Troop with five active patrols that will enjoy summer camp.”

DSCF1511 (Small)
Boys discuss their roles as youth leaders
DSCF1513 (Small)
Boys talk about Troop vision
DSCF1521 (Small)
Taking a break
Boys learn about leadership techniques

2013 Philmont “Eagle” Crew

2013 Philmont “Eagle” Crew – With the recent Eagle ceremony of John Harrington and Nathan Tumperi, all six scouts of Troop 175 that went to Philmont in 2013 achieved the rank of Eagle. First was Jack Boyette, followed by Matthew Beach and Tab Belvedere (not pictured), then Luke Downs, and finally John and Nathan in December of 2015. A truly spectacular accomplishment by these young men!

Also pictured are the four adults who went to Philmont in 2013: Tom Boyette, Andy Beach, John Pilger, and Bryan Downs.

2016-01-24 - Philmont Group 3
2013 Philmont Crew – All Eagles

Eagle Scout John Harrington: Recycling Center

John’s Eagle project was the creation of a recycling and donations collection center for Glenn Memorial United Methodist Church. In the theme of reuse and recycle, he used mostly repurposed items to create his project. He used a discarded cabinet to make a bin to hold donated clothes and coats. He used another cabinet and parts of a pallet to build a unit to collect used cell phones, ink cartridges and sneakers for recycling. He also repurposed an old bowling alley locker to become a “food pantry,” a secure place to store donated canned and nonperishable food.

John Harrington earned the rank of Eagle Scout on December 15, 2015, 6 years and 6 months after joining Troop 175.

Eagle Scout Nathan Tumperi: Benches at the Woodlands Garden

Nathan’s Eagle project involved building and installing two new benches in the bird meadow at the Woodlands Garden in Decatur. These benches were designed to resemble existing benches in the garden. Over the course of several workdays, Nathan oversaw construction and installation of the benches by 11 fellow scouts and three friends. In total, 149 volunteer hours were contributed to this project, providing seating to visitors of Woodlands Garden’s new bird meadow.

Nathan Tumperi earned the rank of Eagle Scout on December 8, 2015, 6 years and 7 months after joining troop 175.