Blood Mountain 10-Mile Hike: Mar., 2021

We’re working towards our hiking merit badge with the second 10-mile hike. This time we’re hiking along the Appalachian Trail at Blood Mountain. Click Read More to see a gallery of photos of the trip.

Arabia & Kennesaw Mountain Hikes: Winter, 2021

We’re making lemonade out of lemons. Since we can’t do our usual overnight camping trips, the boys have decided to do a series of day hikes to work towards the hiking merit badge. Our January trip was a 5-mile hike at Arabia Mountain State…

Okefenokee Canoe Trip: Jan., 2020

This was Troop 175’s first visit to the Okefenokee. 33 scouts spent a January weekend paddling canoes through the Okefenokee swamp where they encountered several alligators and lots and lots of Spanish moss. The boys had lots of fun and agreed it was a…

GATC Trail Maintenance: Dec., 2019

Nine scouts from Troop 175 participated in a monthly trail maintenance workday along the Duncan Ridge Trail on a chilly day in December. Our scouts earned lots of compliments from other volunteers. Click Read More to see the photos!

Firing Range: Nov., 2019

Every year we do some sort of outing that’s centered around target shooting. We learn how to safely handle the firearms before the trip. This year we chose the Clybel Shooting Range at the Charlie Elliott Wildlife Center in Jasper County, Georgia. Click Read…