Recent Eagle Scouts, Projects & Photos

Decatur’s Troop 175 is very proud to have produced more than 50 Eagle Scouts in the past 10 years. Only 5% of Boy Scouts achieve the rank of Eagle. More than 275 Troop 175 Boy Scouts have achieved Eagle Scout rank since 1949.

An Eagle project requires the Scout to plan, organize, lead and manage a project to benefit a community organization. Many Eagle projects involve some type of construction, but this is not a requirement.

Have you ever wondered what an Eagle project looks like? Scroll down to get a look at our recent Eagle Scouts and their projects. You see lots of scouts getting the work done while the Eagle-to-be provides direction and leadership, and the adults provide supervision…and pizza.

Are you a Troop 175 Life Scout? We have web page with everything you need to know about becoming an Eagle Scout:
Info, instructions and forms for becoming an Eagle Scout in Troop 175

Check out the list of all Troop 175 Eagles since 1949


Eagle Scout Dan Burfield: Art Easels for Glennwood Elementary

Dan Burfield’s Eagle project was to build 15 wooden table-top art easels for Glennwood Elementary School in Decatur. The easels will be used for Glennwood students during art class. He really enjoyed art class as a Glennwood student. He remembered having to share materials…

Eagle Scout Jackson Austin-Cruse: care kits

Jackson’s Eagle project was to create backpack care kits for the nonprofit organization Blessing Bags of Warmth, which supplies the kits to community members experiencing homelessness. Jackson Austin-Cruse earned his Eagle rank on April 5, 2022.

Eagle Scout Benjamin Howard: Food Pantry Shelving

Benjamin Howard’s Eagle project was to build 5 wooden shelving units for the food pantry at Decatur Cooperative Ministries, which supplies food to those in need. The beneficiary provided $500 for materials. Benjamin Howard earned his Eagle rank on March 29, 2022.

Eagle Scout Robert Harvey: Outdoor Classroom

Robert Harvey’s Eagle project was to build an outdoor classroom for the Friends School of Atlanta at the East Decatur Greenway with 8 wooden benches and a table, all permanently fixed in the ground. Robert Harvey earned his Eagle rank on February 1, 2022.

Eagle Scout Will Kelly: Picnic Tables at John Fletcher Park

Will Kelly’s Eagle project was to build picnic tables and install them at John Fletcher Park in Avondale Estates. Will and his scout volunteers built two very sturdy 8-foot picnic tables for park visitors to enjoy for many years to come. Will Kelly earned…

Eagle Scout Camilo Castrillon: Community Compost System

Camilo Castrillon’s Eagle project was to build a community compost system at the Paideia School Farm. Camilo led a team of scouts along with the Climate Action Club to build three bins and create a composting system for the Paideia Farm and their Urban…

Eagle Scout Ryan Russell: Little Free Library

Ryan Russell’s Eagle project was to rebuild a bulletin board and Little Free Library at Venetian Pools in Decatur, Georgia. The work took place over multiple workdays with help from half a dozen scouts. Ryan Russell earned his Eagle rank on May 18, 2021….

Eagle Scout Myles McArthur: Chimney Swift Tower

Myles McArthur’s Eagle project was to build build chimney swift towers near a bird sanctuary in Avondale Estates adjacent to the Avondale Lake. The project consists of a series of boxes on 4 12-foot-tall wooden 4x4s set into the ground. The houses must be…

Eagle Scout Gabe Jacob: Welded Bike Rack

Gabe Jacob’s Eagle project was to build a large welded metal bike rack for Westchester Elementary. The Westchester principal said the bike rack is a top priority and the PTA funded the purchase of supplies. The rack was installed into concrete with anchor bolts….

Eagle Scout Thomas Butterfield: Little Free Library

Thomas Butterfield’s Eagle project was to build a Little Free Library for Glennwood Elementary School in Decatur. He raised the money to cover the project costs by doing yard work. The school was happy with the completed project. Thomas Butterfield earned his Eagle rank…

Eagle Scout Aidan Teague: Preschool percussion kits

Aidan Teague’s Eagle project was to create 40 percussion kits for Mommy & Me preschool in Clarkston. Each kit has 3 instruments—tin drum, shakers and rhythm sticks—for a total of 120 instruments. Aidan delivered half the kits to the students’ homes and scout Myles…

Eagle Scout Cole Rogers: Preschool Birdhouses

Cole Rogers’ Eagle project was to build 6 see-through birdhouses for the Oakhurst Cooperative Preschool. The birdhouses mount to the outside of the windows so the children can watch the birds’ life cycle. The window and roof are designed to open so the houses…