Troop 175 Email Group

Troop 175 uses a Simplelists email group (listerv) to communicate information about meetings, events and outings. At least one parent from every family should join the email group.

Join the email group

Fill out this quick form, then click the link in the email from Simplelists to confirm your membership. You’ll start getting Troop 175 emails as soon as your membership is approved, usually within 24 hours.

Want to leave the email group? Just fill out the form and click Unsubscribe.

First and last name:
Email address:

To send an email to the Troop

  • Create a new email in your regular email program.
  • Address it to [email protected].
    You must send the email from the address you use to receive Troop 175 emails.

To find an email address for an individual in the Troop

As a member of the Troop 175 email group, you can see a list of  all members and their email addresses on your Simplelists Subscriber page.

  • Go to your Subscriber page (see below).
  • Click View List Members to see the names and email addresses of Troop 175 members.

To see Troop 175 emails online

As a members of the Troop 175 email group, you can see a list of emails and attachments in the Simplelists archive. It’s very rudimentary, but it works.

  • Go to your Subscriber page (see below).
  • Click Archives. Messages are organized by month.
  • Click “by date” to see each month’s emails.
  • Click the email name to open it and see/download the attachments.

Your Simplelists Subscriber page

Most of you will never need to use your Subscriber page, but just in case you do…

  • Go to
  • On the Member Access page, type your email address in the box and click Get Access.
    You must enter the email address you use to receive Troop 175 emails.
  • Simplelists will send you an access code; click that link.
  • On the Member Access page, click “Confirm Request” or “Click here to view existing membership details.”

Your Subscriber page gives you these options:

  • View list members: see names and email addresses for Troop 175 members
  • Archives: See old emails and attachments
  • Enable digest: click this if you want to receive one daily summary of all Troop emails instead of each individual email. You will not get attachments with this delivery method.
  • Pause delivery: click this to temporarily stop getting Troop emails.
  • Unsubscribe: click this link to remove yourself from the Troop email list.