Newbie Camp

Troop 175 offers a special camp for boys who are new to the Troop or new to scouting. Newbie Camp is held at Camp 175 on beautiful Lake Allatoona over the long Labor Day weekend (Saturday through Monday). Our older scouts work with newbies—often one to one—teaching fundamentals like cutting firewood, setting up tents, cooking on a grill and a camp stove, basic first aid and knot tying.

Why do we have Newbie Camp?

  • To help scouts understand the expectations for Troop 175 and how it’s different than Cub Scouts.
  • To prepare new scouts to be responsible, self-sufficient, fully functional members of a patrol.
  • To teach essential scout skills in a hands-on, structured setting (often taught one-on-one). We do this so the Troop camping trips can focus on the activity rather than focusing on newbie skills.
  • To acclimate new scouts to the Youth-Led Boy Scout program where experienced youth leaders teach the newer, less experienced scouts (with adult supervision, of course).
  • To make friends with new scouts and get acquainted with the older scouts who lead the Troop.
  • To get ahead on advancement; the newbies will learn important Scout-to-First-Class skills that can only be taught at Camp 175 in the summer, such as orienteering.

What do we do at Newbie Camp?

The experienced older scouts will guide the new scouts in hands-on learning of a variety of basic skills, including critical Scout-to-First-Class skills. Newbie Camp is a great place to learn because we can often provide the newbies with one-on-one instruction from experienced scouts and adults.

  • Building a fire, putting up a tent, finding your way in the woods (orienteering), tying knots, etc.
  • Cooking over a fire, on a grill and on a camp stove (plus cleaning up after themselves!)
  • Totin’ Chip: boys earn back their pocketknives and learn to safely use hatchets and saws

Open/download a Newbie Camp flyer to email or print (contains the above info and photos of Newbie Camp)

Newbie Camp forms 2019

Newbie Camp 2020 is canceled due to COVID-19.

Please download these documents and forms. Please read all of them carefully since they tell your scout what to turn in, where to go, what to pack and other important stuff.

  • Registration Form: Must be turned in with payment by August 20, 2019. We suggest you turn it in as soon as possible (after your son is registered with the troop), ideally by May 28.
  • New Scout Camp Letter: gives the details about camp including arrival, departure and important policies.
  • Poop Sheet: Tells you where to go and what to pack/bring
  • Medical Form: We need info about each scout’s medical conditions, allergies, tetanus shots, etc.

Newbie Camp photos