Summer Camp 2019

Here are some photos of Summer Camp 2019. We earned lots of merit badges and rank advancements from Tenderfoot all the way up to Eagle. We learned about environmental science, built a wilderness shelter, practiced marksmanship with air rifles, made fire with a bow drill, found a cool lizard, build some models, piloted kayaks, jumped off the dock, played chess, paddled canoes, learned first aid, cooked meals, played cards, tied knots and practiced swimming. Again this year, our older scouts played a big role as instructors serving under adult mentors.

Summer Camp First Aid training

They’re not really hurt! Each year we teach the first aid merit badge. We got a little help from troop members practicing their stage makeup techniques. They prepared realistic-looking victims for scouts to practice treatment.

Eagle Scout Joel Garner: Box Gardens

Joel Garner’s Eagle project was to build kindergarten box gardens for outdoor science projects at a Grant Park Elementary school. The three boxes have wheels so they can move indoors and outdoors, as requested by the teachers. Each box was filled soil and gravel, with drain holes in the buckets.

Joel Garner earned his Eagle rank on June 3, 2019.

50-Mile Bike Ride: May, 2019

A few of the boys needed a 50-mile bike ride to complete the cycling merit badge. A dozen scouts and adults rode the Silver Comet cycling trail from Cedar Town to Smyrna. SPL Gabe Jacob said it was a beautiful ride and the boys would love to do it all over again!

Eagle Scout Cole Baker: Bat boxes at Westchester Elementary

Cole’s Eagle project was to build and install three bat houses in the woods surrounding Westchester Elementary School. Eight scouts from Troop 175 and Troop 134 built the bat houses in one day and selected the installation sites. A tree climber installed the houses. The bat boxes will hold 50 bats each to help the local ecosystem and reduce bugs (about 400,000 per night) without chemicals. Cole was happy that he and the principal decided to do this project rather than having Westchester spray for mosquitoes as parents had requested. Cole will give a presentation to the Westchester students about bats and the bat houses.

Cole Baker earned his Eagle rank on May 21, 2019.

Eagle Scout Mason Daniels: Feeding Room at PAWS Atlanta

Mason Daniels’s Eagle project was to renovate the feeding/storage room at PAWS Atlanta animal shelter. Volunteers perform a lot of work in this disorganized space: storing and sorting newspaper, storing food and feeding the animals, etc. Mason’s project involved cleaning, painting and reorganizing the room into a more workable configuration. They installed countertops, shelving, food bins and a whiteboard to make the room more functional and more appealing. The people at PAWS were very excited with the renovated space. Lowe’s funded the project because of their relationship with PAWS.

Mason Daniels earned his Eagle rank on May 21, 2019.

Horseback Riding: Apr., 2019

The boys have been eagerly awaiting the Troop’s first horseback riding trip. We spent a beautiful spring day in the north Georgia Mountains learning about horses and going on a trail ride at Trackrock Stables. SPL Gabe Jacob reported that the trip was a blast and everybody had so much fun! They decided the trip would be even better with camping time.

Eagle Scout Scott Butterfield: Planter Boxes for Presencia

Scott Butterfield’s Eagle project was to build vegetable planter boxes for Presencia, a local non-profit organization which provides aftercare for low-income working families. The organization, located at an apartment building on Buford Highway, will plant vegetables in the boxes to teach the children good eating habits. Scott funded the project with money he has set aside from his job, and provided soil and seeds for the initial plantings. The project was completed in one workday and was right on budget.

Scott Butterfield earned his Eagle rank on May 7, 2019.

2019 Scout Challenge

Troop 175 participated with thousands of other Atlanta-area scouts in the 2019 Scout Challenge at Bert Adams Scout Reservation. Scouts enjoyed lots of games and activities, a concert and, of course, camping.

Eagle Scout Noah Glasgow: Bluebird houses for Schools

Noah’s Eagle project was to build and install 12 bluebird houses at the six City Schools of Decatur elementary schools. The goal of the project is to encourage the increase of bluebird populations throughout Decatur. The project required Noah to work with six different principals and to coordinate transportation to six different sites.

Noah Glasgow earned his Eagle rank on February 5, 2019.

Decatur-Ree Camp-out & Cookoff

Troop 175 invited other Decatur troops to Camp 175 for a group camp-out. Troop 134 came up for the day to square off against Troop 175 in an unofficial Golden Axe competition and an Iron Chef cooking competition.