Eagle Scout Gabe Jacob: Welded Bike Rack

Gabe Jacob’s Eagle project was to build a large welded metal bike rack for Westchester Elementary. The Westchester principal said the bike rack is a top priority and the PTA funded the purchase of supplies. The rack was installed into concrete with anchor bolts. Gabe recruited former scouts with welding skills to oversee the work and to help teach BSA welding merit badge.

Gabe Jacob earned his Eagle rank on December 19, 2020.

Eagle Scout Myles McArthur: Chimney Swift Tower

Myles McArthur’s Eagle project was to build build chimney swift towers near a bird sanctuary in Avondale Estates adjacent to the Avondale Lake. The project consists of a series of boxes on 4 12-foot-tall wooden 4x4s set into the ground. The houses must be that high due to the nesting habits of the birds. The City of Avondale Estates is the beneficiary.

Myles McArthur earned his Eagle rank on December 19, 2020.

Eagle Scout Thomas Butterfield: Little Free Library

Thomas Butterfield’s Eagle project was to build a Little Free Library for Glennwood Elementary School in Decatur. He raised the money to cover the project costs by doing yard work. The school was happy with the completed project.

Thomas Butterfield earned his Eagle rank on December 19, 2020.

Eagle Scout Aidan Teague: Preschool percussion kits

Aidan Teague’s Eagle project was to create 40 percussion kits for Mommy & Me preschool in Clarkston. Each kit has 3 instruments—tin drum, shakers and rhythm sticks—for a total of 120 instruments. Aidan delivered half the kits to the students’ homes and scout Myles McArthur delivered the other half. Aidan created a private YouTube video to show the kids how to use the instruments and he demonstrated how to play real drums. The preschool director plans to publish an article about the project in the school newsletter.

Aidan Teague earned his Eagle rank on December 12, 2020.

Eagle Scout Cole Rogers: Preschool Birdhouses

Cole Rogers’ Eagle project was to build 6 see-through birdhouses for the Oakhurst Cooperative Preschool. The birdhouses mount to the outside of the windows so the children can watch the birds’ life cycle. The window and roof are designed to open so the houses can be cleaned out. Cole also made a booklet about the birdhouses to give to the school.

Cole Rogers earned his Eagle rank on 10/31/2020