Summer Camp 2018

Here are some photos of Summer Camp 2018. We built a trebuchet, piloted kayaks, learned about snakes, paddled canoes, learned to water ski, jumped off the dock, played chess, built some robots, cooked meals, played cards, tied knots, watched some crazy skits, practiced swimming, had a glow-in-the-dark water parade and attempted to play basketball in the water with a greasy watermelon. Oh, and we also earned some merit badges along the way.

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Eagle Scout Alex Kirkland: Flag retirement pit

Alex’s Eagle project was to build a new flag retirement pit for the Harold Byrd American Legion Post 66 in Avondale. Previously the Post was using an old rusty barrel to retire flags, so the new flag pit is a more respectable place for retiring American flags. The flag retirement pit is also available to any outside organization that needs a proper place to retire flags.

Alex Kirkland earned his Eagle rank on May 22, 2018.

Eagle Scout Barrett Howard: Outdoor classroom

Barrett’s Eagle project was to make a set of fold-down tables at the SAND Preschool for the kids to use for outdoor activities and art projects. They also added a wall of removable buckets that the kids use for sand and water play.

Barrett Howard earned his Eagle rank in May of 2018.

Eagle Scout Sam Amick: Garden Pergola at Winnona Park

Sam’s Eagle project was to design and construct a pergola for the Winnona Park Elementary School. Sam hand-crafted the decorative braces at the top of the structure and pre-drilled all the parts for easy assembly. On an extremely cold weekend in January, Sam and several scouts and friends from school assembled the pergola. This project involved CAD design, concrete work, and framing skills, in addition to teaching and leadership skills. This pergola will now provide dappled shade ideal for growing plants.

Sam Amick earned his Eagle rank in May of 2018.

Sand Rock Climbing: April, 2018

Climbing at Sandrock

The boys practice their climbing skills at Sand Rock in Alabama. It’s a great place for beginners to learn rock climbing, but also offers enough challenge for more experienced climbers.

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Camporee: March, 2018

Here are some photos of the 2018 Camporee a Bert Adams Scout Reservation. The Golden Axe competition got off to a great start, but sadly, we were once again defeated in our attempt to capture the coveted Golden Axe award.

Sea Base: February, 2018

A group from Troop 175 spent their winter break in the Bahamas during the 2018 Sea Base high-adventure expedition. They learned about sailing and enjoyed swimming, fishing and snorkeling.

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Firing Range: Feb., 2018

Every year we do some sort of outing that’s centered around target shooting. We learn how to safely handle and fire the guns before the trip. This year we chose the Clybel Shooting Range in Jasper County, Georgia.

Backpacking/Hiking: Jan., 2018

Here are some photos of the very chilly backpacking and hiking trip to Ellicott Rock in January, 2018.

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Warner Robins AFB: Nov., 2017

The boys worked on their aviation merit badge requirements at Warner Robins Air Force Base.

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