Eagle Scout Nick Walker: Gardens at St. Thomas More

Nick completed his Eagle project at Saint Thomas More Church. Nick created three small gardens along the Kindergarten walkway. The project included digging out tree stumps, removing brush, preparing the soil and installing shade-tolerant plants. Under Nick’s leadership, 7 volunteers spent over 20 hours on the project. 

Nick Walker earned the rank of Eagle Scout on February 25, 2014, 3 years and 7 months after joining Troop 175.

Eagle Scout Reuben Brough: Recycling Center

Reuben worked with the Phoenix School at Oakhurst Presbyterian Church to create a recycling and trash shelter outside the school. The project was initiated in early fall and after several workdays and engaging scouts of varying skills, was completed mid-December 2013.

With his Eagle requirements finished in time, Reuben turned 18 on Feb. 25, 2014.

Eagle Scout Joey Jackson: Kindergarten Garden

Joey’s Eagle project was building a garden for the kindergarten playground at St. Thomas More Catholic Church. The garden beautifies the area and includes signs that identify the plants to educate the kindergarteners.  The projects included digging out a dead tree stump, amending the soil, selecting attractive low-maintenance flowers and watering the plants until they were well established. Joey and five Troop 175 volunteers spent more than 50 hours on the project.

Joey Jackson earned the rank of Eagle Scout on January 21, 2014 after 4 years and 8 months as a Scout.

Dock repair at Camp 175

Thanks to all the scouts and adults who showed up to repair the floating dock at Camp 175 at the January workday. And a big thank you goes to Jeff Hayden for leading this effort! Repair crew members: Jeff Hayden, Matthew and Andy Beach, Sean and Charles Hunter, Spencer Clark, Jack and Tom Boyette, Kyle Monsalve, Mark Belvedere, Max and Mike Pollack, and Thomas, Dylan and Kevin Wyatt.

Attaching the deck boards
Break time
Almost done
Inspection by Mr. Hayden
Work at Camp 175 May, 2013
Clearing out dead trees at Camp 175
Working on the dock May, 2013

Eagle Scout William Reed: Pollinator Garden

William’s Eagle project was created for The Waldorf School. The school was re-purposing an old unused playground into an urban garden. William planned and designed a pollinator garden to attract butterflies and bees, which helped the nearby vegetable garden to thrive. After extensive weeding and soil preparation, the project involved the installation of more than 20 new plants of several different species, as well as moving some of the existing plants. A short path winding through the pollinator garden created a peaceful and serene area. The project also involved brush removal at an adjoining creek bed to further enhance the area.

William Reed earned his Eagle Scout rank on October 8, 2013.

Eagle Scout Jack Boyette: Playhouse for Holy Trinity

Jack completed his Eagle project at Holy Trinity Parish Preschool in Decatur, Georgia. Jack’s project included designing and building a playhouse for the preschool playground. Under Jack’s leadership, 17 volunteers from the troop spent 205 hours on the project. The preschool director affectionately refers to the playhouse as “The House that Jack Built.”

Jack Boyette earned the rank of Eagle Scout on October 1, 2013, 4 years and 4 months after joining Troop 175.

Eagle Scout James Lewis: Repairs & Painting of Commercial Kitchen

James planned and coordinated the efforts of three adults, seven Scouts and three friends in repairing and painting the walls of the commercial kitchen for Mountain View Personal Care Home in Decatur, GA.  This project was completed in three workdays. Mountain View is a public/private partnership with DeKalb County.

James Lewis earned the rank of Eagle Scout on February 25, 2013, 6 years and 11 months after joining Troop 175.

Eagle Scout Candler Harrington: Split-rail Fence

Candler completed his Eagle Service Project at Clyde Shepherd Nature Preserve in the Medlock Park neighborhood. Candler and his crew took down a broken fence and constructed a new 27 foot-long split-rail fence that serves as the backdrop for the Native Plant Garden at the park entrance. They also dug up multiple stumps and cleaned the planter box below the entrance sign. 13 scouts from Troop 175, plus a few friends, participated in the project which took 70 hours to complete.

Candler Harrington earned the rank of Eagle Scout on December 18, 2012, 6 years and 9 months after joining Troop 175.

Eagle Scout Jared McCannon: Landscaping at Bowen United Methodist

 Jared chose Bowen United Methodist Church for his Eagle project because of his many years of volunteering on Thanksgiving Day, preparing and delivering meals to the elderly members of the church. The church was in dire need of a landscaping facelift.

With the help of scouts, friends and church volunteers, Jared planted bushes, built planting beds and built a path to a new bench.

Jared McCannon earned the rank of Eagle Scout in December, 2012.

Eagle Scout Justin Parellada: Parking Lot Restriping

Justin Parellada and Gage Martin completed their Eagle projects together: restriping the parking lot and striping the entrance road to Plymouth Harbor Adult Day Care at United Congregational Church. Their projects included redoing the middle line to the 1/2 mile road entrance, painting directional arrows on the road and repainting all the handicapped parking spots and van loading areas. Under the leadership of Justin and Gage, over 30 volunteers–including 20 from the troop–spent more than 100 hours on the project.

Justin Parellada earned the rank of Eagle Scout on October 2, 2012, 6 years and 6 months after joining Troop 175.