Summer Camp 2021

After missing out on Summer Camp in 2020, the boys were very ready for Summer Camp 2021! We earned lots of merit badges and rank advancements. We learned about welding, hung out with snakes (and ducks and frogs), practiced canoeing and kayaking, did some leather work, played cards, learned about architecture, practiced swimming (including the infamous Mile Swim), played chess, fried some doughnuts, learned about auto maintenance, practiced archery and marksmanship with air rifles, got a visit from the Cherokee County Special Operations S.W.A.T. vehicle, repaired the Adirondack shelters, sailed some boats, engineered some wooden bridges, and shaved one head.

As usual, our older scouts played a big role as instructors serving under adult mentors. This year we were very lucky to have several of our young adult former scouts return to camp as instructors.

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