Trip/Event Poop Sheets

Every time we have a trip, outing or event, we publish a “poop sheet.” The poop sheet contains all the details about the trip: when to meet, where we’re going, what to pack, when to pick up, etc. A poop sheet must be signed and turned in with payment before each trip deadline. The usual deadline is the meeting two Tuesdays before the trip.

Troop 175 Event Forms & Poop Sheets by Date

Caving & Camping Poop Sheet (Feb. 18-19, 2023)

Infantry Museum & Camping (Jan. 21-22, 2023)

Cooking Competition & Camping (Dec. 17-18, 2022)

Shotgun Shooting Day Trip (Nov. 19, 2022)

Lake Allatoona Cleanup & Camping (Oct. 1-2, 2022)

Zipline & Camping Poop Sheet (Sept. 10-11, 2022)

Whitewater Rafting & Camping Poop Sheet (Aug. 20-21, 2022)

Rock Climbing Poop Sheet (Apr. 23-24, 2022)

Scout Challenge at Bert Adams Poop Sheet (Mar. 18-20, 2022)

Backpacking Cheaha Wilderness Area Poop Sheet (Mar. 5-6. 2022)

Cooking & Camping at Victoria Bryant Poop Sheet (Jan. 29-30, 2022)

Caving & Camping Poop Sheet (Dec. 11-12, 2021)

Aviation Museum Day Trip (Oct. 16 OR 23, 2021)

Allatoona Cleanup & Camping (Oct. 2-3, 2021)

Hiking at Pine Mountain Poop Sheet (Sept. 11, 2021)


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