Family Participation

Troop 175 has grown very large in recent years. We’re excited that boys want to join us. As part of Troop 175, boys enjoy monthly outings, a fun-filled summer camp and many opportunities for leadership and rank advancement.

Family Participation Policy

As the Troop has expanded, so has our need for adult support. While we strive to make the boys responsible for most things, we also rely on parents for logistical support: driving, chaperoning, committee work, etc. To ensure we have enough adult volunteers to plan and carry out our ambitious programs and outings, we have implemented a policy of mandatory adult participation. This participation is required as one of the conditions for scouts to be eligible for summer camp.


We have three requirements for parents in our Troop:

10 hours per family

Volunteer hours are accrued from August 1 to July 31. Hours accrued during this period will count towards Summer Camp eligibility. For example, hours earned in November of 2022 would count towards Summer Camp of 2023.

Driving Requirement

Each family is expected to drive on 1 trip per year (formerly 2 trips/year). We often run short on drivers for our monthly outings. We need each family to volunteer once a year for driving, and not just the short, nearby trips. Drivers must commit once they have signed up and must follow through.

Family Participation FAQs

BSA Troop 175 Family Participation Policy & FAQs

Read the policy and FAQ document if you have questions about Family Participation, including activities that count (and don’t count) towards the required participation hours.

How do we earn our 10 hours?

Family Participation hours can be fulfilled in a number of ways such as:

We need you!

Need help finding ways to volunteer?

Stop by one of our weekly Troop meetings and ask to speak with the Committee Chair or Scoutmaster